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From DYNAMIcal Gauge Fields to Lattice Gauge ThEory

Nowadays, Quantum Simulators (QS) are the systems that can address, deepen our understanding of, and ultimately solve some of the most challenging problems of contemporary science: from quantum many body dynamics, through static and transient high Tc superconductivity, to the design of new materials. In DYNAMITE, we will design, realize in the labs, and characterize a new generation of quantum simulators with ultracold atoms and beyond.

Dynamite Goals

Quantum simulation of topological gauge theories

Topological gauge theories describe gauge fields that effectively change the quantum statistics of the matter field.

Quantum simulation of dynamical lattices

We will exploit quantum simulators to study matter fields living on lattice sites coupled to an independent dynamical field residing on links between sites

Quantum simulators of lattice gauge theory models

We will develop realistic implementations for analog quantum simulators of elementary Z2 lattice gauge theories

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