New analog simulators can facilitate the study of ultrafast dynamics processes

A team of researchers, including DYNAMITE project team members, has theoretically proposed a new experimental platform based on analog simulation with atom clouds to study high-harmonic generation, an ultrafast dynamic process whose study challenges conventional computational methods. Their simulator can be adapted to approach a wide range of complex phenomena, opening the door to regimes […]

Dynamite project members contribute to Cold Atom Workshop 2024

Several members of the Dynamite Project contributed to the recent Cold Atom Workshop 2024, held to discuss quantum properties of cold matter and to explore advancements in the field of cold atom physics. Among the participants were Pierpaolo Fontana, Javier Argüello, Julia Bergmann, and Sarah Hirthe, who not only attended the event but also participated […]

Novel topological properties of matter emerge from an ultra-cold atom-cavity system

An international team of researchers reports on a new method that permits inducing symmetry-protected higher-order topology through a spontaneous symmetry-breaking mechanism in a two-dimensional system of ultra-cold bosonic atoms inside a cavity.

Topological Bogoliubov Quasiparticles from Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Flat Band System

A team of researchers led by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein, who is also the Dynamite project coordinator, reports in Physical Review Letters on the stability of Bose Einstein Condensates, where Bogoliubov excitation modes have non-trivial topological properties.

Quantum simulators based on cold atoms in optical lattices showcased at the “Conference on Quantum Technologies in Europe”

Monika Aidelsburger, researcher from Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics & professor at LMU Munich, and consortium member of the Dynamite project, participated as a speaker in the “Quantum Achievements and Challenges” session of the “Conference on Quantum Technologies in Europe“. The conference, organized by Quantera in collaboration with the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) from Spain, […]

The registration for the “The Quantum Simulators of the Future” is open

The Italian city of Trieste will host the “The Quantum Simulators of the Future” workshop, co-sponsored by the Dynamite project. The workshop will take place from February 20th to 22nd, 2024, at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) facilities. The ICTP act as local organizer. The workshop, featuring 13 confirmed speakers, will bring toghether […]

Maciej Lewenstein selected as Optica’s 2024 Fellow Class

The Board of Directors of  Optica (formerly OSA) recently elected 129 members from 26 countries to the Society’s 2024 Fellow Class. Optica Fellows are selected based on several factors, including outstanding contributions to research, business, education, engineering and service to Optica and its community. ICREA Professor at ICFO Dr. Maciej Lewenstein was among the members […]

Dynamite team members at the BEC Conference 2023

The Bose-Einstein Condensation Conference 2023 took place in Sant Feliu de Guixols (Spain) from September 9th to September 15th. Several members of the Dynamite project team took part and contribute to the biennial conference on quantum gases and related fields. The meeting provided participants with the possibility to share the latest developments on several topics […]

New Approach for Ultracold Fermion Quantum Simulation of U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories.

Quantum simulators provide unique opportunities for controlled studies of quantum many-body systems. One of the most appealing settings where these techniques may have a profound impact in the future is particle physics. In that context, the primary target are gauge theories – theories that made up the standard model of particle physics, that encompasses our […]