Publications 2022

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Interacting second-order topological insulators in one-dimensional fermions with correlated hoppingPhysical Review B2022Reference article
Citizen Science to Assess Light Pollution with Mobile PhonesRemote Sensing2022Reference article
Light-matter entanglement after above-threshold ionization processes in atomsPhysical Review A2022Reference article
Measurement-induced phase transitions in (d+ 1)-dimensional stabilizer circuitsPhysical Review B2022Reference article
One-axis twisting as a method of generating many-body Bell correlationsPhysical Review Letters2022Reference article
Linear maps as sufficient criteria for entanglement depth and compatibility in many-body systemsOpen Systems & Information Dynamics2022Reference article
Quantum annealing sampling with a bias fieldPhysical Review Applied2022Reference article
Haake–Lewenstein–Wilkens approach to spin-glasses revisitedJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical2022Reference article
Stochastic particle unbinding modulates growth dynamics and size of transcription factor condensates in living cellsPNAS2022Reference article
One-Axis Twisting as a Method of Generating Many-Body Bell CorrelationsPhysical Review Letters2022Reference article
Encoding a one-dimensional topological gauge theory in a Raman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensatePhysical Review Research2022Reference article