Dynamite project members contribute to Cold Atom Workshop 2024

Several members of the Dynamite Project contributed to the recent Cold Atom Workshop 2024, held to discuss quantum properties of cold matter and to explore advancements in the field of cold atom physics. Among the participants were Pierpaolo Fontana, Javier Argüello, Julia Bergmann, and Sarah Hirthe, who not only attended the event but also participated as invited speakers in the event.

Cold Atom Workshop

Additionally, Alessio Celi, UAB professor and visiting scientist at ICFO, and also member of the Dynamite team, was a member of the organizing committe of the workshop. The event took place at Physics Faculty of University of Barcelona on 25-26 January.

Here are the contributions of the Dynamite members to the workshop:

Oral presentations

  • Efficient formulations of non-Abelian lattice gauge theories“, Pierpaolo Fontana
  • Exploring the supersolid stripe phase in a spin-orbit coupled BEC“, Sarah Hirthe
  • Analog simulators for high harmonic generation“, Javier Argüello

Poster presentations

  • “Engineering lattice gauge theories with a Rydberg atom processor”, Julia Bergmann

The book of abstracts is available to download here.

Cold Atom Workshop 2