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Quantum simulators based on cold atoms in optical lattices showcased at the “Conference on Quantum Technologies in Europe”

Monika Aidelsburger, researcher from Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics & professor at LMU Munich, and consortium member of the Dynamite project, participated as a speaker in the “Quantum Achievements and Challenges” session of the “Conference on Quantum Technologies in Europe“. The conference, organized by Quantera in collaboration with the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) from Spain, […]

The registration for the “The Quantum Simulators of the Future” is open

The Italian city of Trieste will host the “The Quantum Simulators of the Future” workshop, co-sponsored by the Dynamite project. The workshop will take place from February 20th to 22nd, 2024, at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) facilities. The ICTP act as local organizer. The workshop, featuring 13 confirmed speakers, will bring toghether […]

New Approach for Ultracold Fermion Quantum Simulation of U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories.

Quantum simulators provide unique opportunities for controlled studies of quantum many-body systems. One of the most appealing settings where these techniques may have a profound impact in the future is particle physics. In that context, the primary target are gauge theories – theories that made up the standard model of particle physics, that encompasses our […]

Dynamite project at the VI Pyrenees Winter School

During the 14-17th February 2023, the ICFO node participated in the VI Pyrenees Winter School celebrated in Setcases (Girona). This is a biannual meeting aimed to bring together the different research groups of Barcelona interested in quantum technologies.

Prof. Eugene Demler Theory Lectures

Prof. Eugene Demler’s Bio Eugene Demler received a PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford University in 1998. He was a Junior Fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows, became an assistant professor at Harvard in 2001 and a full professor there in 2005. In the Fall of 2021, he moved to ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as […]

Dynamite Project Kick-Off Meeting

On December the 1st, the kick-off Meeting of the Dynamite project took place at ICFO facilities in Castelldefels, Barcelona. The project is aimed at developing a new family of simulators based on cold atoms focused on gauge theories. The project consortium is composed of six partners and is led by ICFO.